[Scribus] I'm puzzled

Brian Astill bastill
Sat Jul 22 03:58:33 CEST 2006

On Saturday 22 July 2006 10:32, BandiPat wrote:

> -----------------
> Yes, it sounds like a bug to me also, because it should be a
> simple matter to cut & paste from anywhere in Scribus to any
> other part of Scribus. ?The cut or copied text did not even
> appear in the Klipper. Version

Hmm..  I'm using 1.2.5 in Ubuntu Dapper, so maybe in Suze 
10.1 is peculiar?  I wouldn't consider a cut and paste as you 
wish to do.  I would use the Scrapbook, moving the text file into 
it, then copying it out to the new location, or just move the 
frame and contents from p1 to p2 (or wherever).  Don't either of 
these work?

Bitter experience (not so far with Scribus) has made me to much 
prefer other options to cut and paste, where these are available.
Sometimes cut works, paste doesn't, and all data is lost.


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