[Scribus] Download for Ubuntu

Benjamin Huot benjaminhuot
Mon Jul 10 17:50:08 CEST 2006

> For heaven's sake, lets hope we will never ever see this! 
> Installing and uninstalling an application on a Debian GNU/Linux system  is 
> much more easy going and less complicated as on Windows machines.
I agree - Klik is more like a Mac installation
> - On Windows you first have to search for an application in the web or you
>   have to order and pay for an application from your local dealer.
They are all together in one repository. It is open source and designed 
for Linux.
> - Then you have to copy it to your local machine using a removable media or
>   via download, and this for every machine.
> - And then you have to start an installation program. Not to forget you have
>   to start a different installation programm for most every single
>   application.
It is just one click total for the install.
> --- After a couple of installations and uninstallations the machine will
>     become very unstable and this will ruin the usability you machine. 
>     (I'm not talking of installing core components of the operation system. If
>     installing and deinstalling of applications is a pain, installation and
>     uninstallation of core components of the OS is a hell)
Everything needed for the application that is not included in the 
distribution is put in a single compressed file, so it doesn't touch 
your system or upgrade or interfere with any other software on your machine
> + On Debian GNU/Linux and it's flavours [1] you just start _one_ application
>   called Synaptic which comes along with the installed system.
Klik is already installed on a number of distributions
> BTW.:
> ++ If you want to uninstall an application just click again on the
>    application listed in synaptic and it will be removed.
To uninstall a klik application, you just put the file in the trash and 
empty it
> +++ Install and remove as much applicatrions as you like. 
>     This will _not_ ruin the usability of your machine. Unlike you know it and
>     expect it on Windows systems.
Again the install with Klik will not mess with any other software on 
your machine - it is all in one file on your desktop.

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