[Scribus] New User Help Request

Louis Desjardins louis_desjardins
Tue Jan 31 17:52:24 CET 2006

Rich Shepard a ?crit :

>    I've just started with version by reading all 12 online manual
> pages and the brief tutorial that explains menus. I have a solid
> understanding of how to do basic tasks, but my first attempt to put a
> headline in a text frame is not working as expected. This is on
> Slackware-10.2
>    After setting up page templates for a two-page brochure (with vertical
> guides), I added a text frame at the top of the first page. A right-click
> with the trackball brought up the menu and I selected "Edit text."

>    In the story board editor I entered the text I want, changed the font
> (typeface and point size) and changed tracking to -2.0 pts. Then I selected
> "Update text frame and exit." Well, the dialog box goes away, but the text
> remains the same as before: wrong font. When I bring up the story board
> editor again, the font has been reset to the default, not to what I had
> changed it.

Hi Rich,

Welcome to Scribus!

For text handling, Scribus works best using Stylesheet. Edit > Paragraph 

Apply Stylesheet in the Story Editor using the pull down menu at left of 
each paragraph.
No need to select the text first when you apply a Paragraph Style.
When you want to apply the same style to numerous consecutive 
paragraphs, use the pull down menu of the upper part of the dialog box 

If you don't want to use Stylesheets, then you need to select text 
before formatting.

Also, you can apply many Paragraph Styles to text in a single text 
frame. What you can't do is apply 2 Par. Style to a single Para (what 
we'd call Character Style... but it's coming!)

Scribus can import stylesheets from OO.org from the Get Text > Filter 
options (uncheck the Get Text only option in that dialog)
>    Thinking I was missing something, after making the changes I wanted I tried
> to save the text to a file. After naming the file and clicking "OK" I tried
> to reload the file from disk. It's not there; was not written.

Works here. No need to select the text. The whole content of the Story 
Editor will be saved as a .txt file.


>    What might I be doing incorrectly? I'd really like to get this simple
> brochure finished today.
> TIA,
> Rich

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