[Scribus] template pages with accessible objects

Mikolaj Machowski mikmach
Thu Jan 19 00:33:58 CET 2006

Dnia ?roda, 18 stycznia 2006 01:10, Christoph Sch?fer napisa?:
> Hi Mikolaj,
> Mikolaj Machowski schrieb:
> > Hello,
> >
> > Is there a way to create template page (or something like that) with
> > accessible objects? At the moment if I define template page with eg.
> > image frames I can not get to them. I'd like to create page and later
> > only import images to frames, captions to text frames, etc. I can copy
> > page with similar layout but then I lose eg. page numbering.
> You can't edit the content of frames in master pages yet, except in the
> editing mode for master pages. There was a similar question a few days
> ago, so if you subscribed to the list you may want to skim the latest
> digests.
> The short answer:
> 1. Copy pages

As I mentioned when copying pages I am losing page numbering inserted in
master page. Text frame is copied, its contents not. Is it bug or

> 2. Use guides on the master page and set "snap to guides" in the "View"
> menu. You can easily create new frames that snap to the guides and will
> have the same size on each page.

Thanks. With well thought guidelines, groups, etc. recreation of page is
matter of few keystrokes.


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