[Scribus] template pages with accessible objects

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Wed Jan 18 01:10:28 CET 2006

Hi Mikolaj,

Mikolaj Machowski schrieb:

> Hello,
> Is there a way to create template page (or something like that) with
> accessible objects? At the moment if I define template page with eg.
> image frames I can not get to them. I'd like to create page and later
> only import images to frames, captions to text frames, etc. I can copy
> page with similar layout but then I lose eg. page numbering.

You can't edit the content of frames in master pages yet, except in the 
editing mode for master pages. There was a similar question a few days 
ago, so if you subscribed to the list you may want to skim the latest 

The short answer:

1. Copy pages

2. Use guides on the master page and set "snap to guides" in the "View" 
menu. You can easily create new frames that snap to the guides and will 
have the same size on each page.



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