[Scribus] Crash and export problems.

Peter Nermander m8130
Wed Jan 18 07:45:57 CET 2006

>      3. The alternative to jpegs would be pdf - in a book format (Page 1
>         next to 40, etc.).Unfortunately, scribus does not support this -
>         and using pdf2ps -> psbook ist not an option: I tried and gs
>         quit after about 600 megabytes(!) of output.

Why go the way by PDF if you are going to use psutils? Scribus can export
postscript. Just use psbook and then use some "distiller" to make it into pdf?

Or you can have a look at Multivalent.

BTW, for the JPEG option (did he really just want JPEG, not TIFF?) you could
for example have used gs to turn the PDF into TIFFs and then ImageMagick
convert to make them JPEG with minimimum compression (I don't thin gs can give
you JPEG output).


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