[Scribus] Simplified Chinese translation

Craig Bradney cbradney
Mon Jan 16 11:35:40 CET 2006

On Monday 16 January 2006 09:45, Kite Lau wrote:
> ?> Kite,> > Are you able to test out bug 1493 in 1.3.x for us please?> >
> thanks> Craig
> Craig,
> I cannot reproduce the problem in 1.3.x CVS using scim input method. 


> Iwould 
> like to report other issues as following for Chinese input: 1. If Chinese
> fonts are not selected for current input text frame on thecanvas, no
> Chinese characters is input via scim input method, and youonly see blank.
> 2. Scim has the ability to let you input a "Chinese phrase" (somethinglike
> several Chinese characters) at a once. But only the first Chinesecharacter
> is shown on the fly within Scribus canvas for this operation.In fact, all
> of them are there but only first one is shown (save andreopen document
> shows the hidden ones). This does not happen withinstory editor. Any hints?
> For the time being, I suggest to edit Chinesewithin story editor. 3.
> Chinese fonts still eat too much mem if loaded into Scribus, saynormally
> 70-90%, in spite of 512MB mem that I have here :) Suppose ifthey are loaded
> into gimp or other programs, they do not effect the memso much which is not
> noticeable. Am I comparing to the right target? Ithink this need to be
> improved before it can be widely used to createChinese documents.

1 and 2 can be considered as a possibility to fix with the new text system. 3 
is because Scribus caches the glyphs of the fonts in memory.

> BTW:One question: I am translating Scribus interface to Chinese, I
> wouldlike to know whether "master page" and "template" are actually the
> samething?

Not quite. Master page is for a page "background", and template is for a 
document you can reuse.

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