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Fri Jan 13 20:30:03 CET 2006

On Thu, 2006-01-12 at 20:05 -0500, [KS] wrote:

> Christoph Sch?fer wrote:
> > .....snip....
> > I don't know what exactly your plans are, but I hope you already have 
> > contemplated using guides. You can place guides in your templates and 
> > turn on "snap to guides" in the view menu. So if you need editable 
> > frames of exactly the same size on each page, you can create them 
> > between those "magnetic" guides. The frames will snap to them.
> > 
> the plan is to design a brochure for an exhibition. It will include
> cover, basic info page, curoator's address page, 81 pages with images
> form artist's works, price list pages, index. I thought that templates
> would work for the 81 pages as I could make them quickly and then edit
> them for individual content.

OK so that sounds like you have some changing content at front and back
but 81 pages with perhaps 1 or two image frames and a caption.

Easy create page 1 of that.  Your brochure will have page numbers in the
bottom corner - put them on master pages... (one for LHS and one for

Draw the image frames (you don't even need to link the image - just draw
an empty frame)

Draw the text boxes and set their styles...

Copy it... you can ask it to copy all 80 extra pages at once.  Then you
need to go through each one adding the text and linking in the images.
Remember to apply the appropriate LHS / RHS master.

There was someone who created a photo album on the forum a couple of
weeks back - sounds like that;s a simillar project really...  I think he
had semi automated it!

If you have the odd page that is to be different layout then the easiest
way is to insert them once you've copied the bulk.  If the differences
are to be repeated then they can also be copied...

Price List pages could be done the same way - but probably link the

Sounds like there's several ways to achieve what you want but - you are
correct - page templates/master pages are not individually editable and
are not the main way to achieve your need..


> > Also, as Craig already mentioned, the scrapbook is your friend. I can 
> > tell from my own experience, that using guides and the scrapbook will 
> > let you work very fast, provided you prepared your document carefully.
> > 
> Scarpbook....hmmm, I got to read up on that. I haven't used it and don't
> know how to works. So reading on it tonight, hoping it will help.
> Thanks,
> /kds
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