[Scribus] Scribus page templates gripes

KS lists04
Fri Jan 13 02:05:00 CET 2006

Christoph Sch?fer wrote:
> .....snip....
> I don't know what exactly your plans are, but I hope you already have 
> contemplated using guides. You can place guides in your templates and 
> turn on "snap to guides" in the view menu. So if you need editable 
> frames of exactly the same size on each page, you can create them 
> between those "magnetic" guides. The frames will snap to them.
the plan is to design a brochure for an exhibition. It will include
cover, basic info page, curoator's address page, 81 pages with images
form artist's works, price list pages, index. I thought that templates
would work for the 81 pages as I could make them quickly and then edit
them for individual content.

> Also, as Craig already mentioned, the scrapbook is your friend. I can 
> tell from my own experience, that using guides and the scrapbook will 
> let you work very fast, provided you prepared your document carefully.

Scarpbook....hmmm, I got to read up on that. I haven't used it and don't
know how to works. So reading on it tonight, hoping it will help.


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