[Scribus] Scribus page templates gripes

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Fri Jan 13 01:14:53 CET 2006


[KS] schrieb:

>>In the mean time, you can usually do a lot of common page layout 
>>automation with a group in the scrapbook or with a python script.
> being a noob in python it will take me more time than I have to get this
> document done. I think I will do the following: make the section which I
> don't want to edit (header, footer, page number) in the template, then
> design the parts for the page and copy them as there are 81 pages which
> will use the same layout.
> If there is a better way to approach this, please advise. And I hope I
> had subscribed to the list earlier. Thanks for all the advice.

I don't know what exactly your plans are, but I hope you already have 
contemplated using guides. You can place guides in your templates and 
turn on "snap to guides" in the view menu. So if you need editable 
frames of exactly the same size on each page, you can create them 
between those "magnetic" guides. The frames will snap to them.

Also, as Craig already mentioned, the scrapbook is your friend. I can 
tell from my own experience, that using guides and the scrapbook will 
let you work very fast, provided you prepared your document carefully.
> Regards,
> /kds



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