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Thu Jan 12 19:14:30 CET 2006

On Thu, 2006-01-12 at 11:56 -0500, [KS] wrote:

> Hi all,
> I just suscribed to this list after a bit of searching through archives
> and not finding a solution/answer to the problem I'm facing.
> I had saved a template of a brochure I'm making. I opened a new documen
> along with the page palette. With the page palette I opened the template
> editor and created another template(a page template) similar to the
> document template (the one I made for brochure). I made the page
> template by copying all the items in the document template to the page
> template editor and closed the page template editor. This gave me the
> page template (named as cw_artworks) in the list of available templates
> in the page palette.
> However, when I apply the page template to a page I cannot edit any part
> of the page. A right click anywhere on the page shows me options of
> "Show Margins, Grids, Frames, etc.. etc".

You can't.  Page Templates (now known as master pages) can not be edited
on an individual page.  They provide you with a background if you like
on top of which you add whatever content you want...

So for instance you could have a mater template with a header and footer
that stays the same, and a page number (as they are automatically
generated).  But the content and perhaps a page title would go in as
boxes on the page...

Does that make sense?

It sounds like you want to copy that content to multiple pages and then
change it.  That's a reasonable request.  In 1.3.2cvs there is an option
on Page Menu to Copy a page that's what you want to do, once your first
page is complete... use copy to create a second page and then just fine
tune its content...  Changes to the second page will not be seen on the

Not sure when Page/Copy was added but think it was around in 1.2.3 but I
thought they were called Master Pages then so you may be using an even
older version...


> Could someone help me with how to proceed in this case? Thanks in advance,
> /kds
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