[Scribus] Scribus page templates gripes

Craig Ringer craig
Thu Jan 12 19:18:02 CET 2006

[KS] wrote:

> However, when I apply the page template to a page I cannot edit any part
> of the page. A right click anywhere on the page shows me options of
> "Show Margins, Grids, Frames, etc.. etc".

Page templates are currently static (read-only) common elements on a 
page. They're useful for common banners, footers, logos, etc, but not 
for (eg) providing a common text frame layout for a page.

"editable page templates" are a very often requested feature, and it's 
on the 1.3.x roadmap. Like many things, it's just a matter of priorities 
and time.

In the mean time, you can usually do a lot of common page layout 
automation with a group in the scrapbook or with a python script.

Craig Ringer

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