[Scribus] Scribus page templates gripes

KS lists04
Thu Jan 12 17:56:16 CET 2006

Hi all,

I just suscribed to this list after a bit of searching through archives
and not finding a solution/answer to the problem I'm facing.

I had saved a template of a brochure I'm making. I opened a new documen
along with the page palette. With the page palette I opened the template
editor and created another template(a page template) similar to the
document template (the one I made for brochure). I made the page
template by copying all the items in the document template to the page
template editor and closed the page template editor. This gave me the
page template (named as cw_artworks) in the list of available templates
in the page palette.

However, when I apply the page template to a page I cannot edit any part
of the page. A right click anywhere on the page shows me options of
"Show Margins, Grids, Frames, etc.. etc".

Could someone help me with how to proceed in this case? Thanks in advance,

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