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Le Tigre scribus
Thu Jan 12 16:59:41 CET 2006

Rick Pasotto a ?crit :
> On Thu, Jan 12, 2006 at 04:06:11PM +0100, joke wrote:
>>Hi friends,
>>I work since few years on scribus (in french) and I am quite happy with
>>it!! it's great job!
>>I am actually finalize an edition of 50 pages that will be print on
>>monday... and I have a problem which I can't find any solutions over the
>>web (in my own language - french)... So I come to you guys... the
>>problem is simple I made all the document already and I want to put the
>>number of the pages automatically (numbering the pages exactly)... I do
>>it by hand... because I can't the solution, I tried to use all the tips
>>: ctrl+Alt+shit+P (change that to my own shortcut) nothing happen... I
>>tried to use the insert->character->page number but nothing work...
>>maybe I miss something somewhere but I become crazy to not find that...
>>thanks a lot for your help.
>>I am using Scribus 1.3.1
> I, too, had trouble inserting a page number with the default setup. What
> eventually worked was to goto 'Settings->Manage Keyboard Shortcuts' then
> scroll down to 'Insert Page Number' and set it to a function key.
Voir (en fran?ais) ici: 
Il y a des diff?rences de raccourcis clavier selon les utilisateurs 


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