[Scribus] Exporting to PDF

Craig Ringer craig
Sat Jan 7 08:15:30 CET 2006

Calum Polwart wrote:
> Could someone explain a little thing to me?  On Export to PDF there is 
> an option labelled:
> "Resolution for EPS Graphics:"
> Does this mean that my line drawings are converted to 'bit map' before 
> they are exported to PDF?  This seems a touch wasteful?

Yes, it does. Yes, it is. EPS, being PostScript, is a complex page 
description language, and it can't be embedded converted directly into 
PDF. Instead Scribus would need to read and convert the PostScript 
language into something it could output in a PDF stream. This isn't 
supported yet.

We might be able to do it with PDF-in-PDF embedding by converting the 
EPS to a stand-alone PDF using GhostScript, too. PDF-in-PDF embedding is 
also proving problematic, though, so that won't help right now.

> I've just done an export using a single EPS Graphic - which according to 
> 'Info' is 102dpi (why??  Why would an EPS graphic have a DPI at all?)
> I set the export settings to 300dpi for EPS graphics, and left the JPEG 
> at 72dpi where it had been for a web export.
> The result is a bitty illustration...

Interesting. What version of Scribus are you using? Is there any chance 
you could send me a copy of your document (with all images and fonts as 
collected with "Collect for Output") and the resulting PDF?

> So - does Scribus convert my EPS to bitmap?


> Is there an alternative that will leave my illustrations (from Inkscape,
 > but containing text so SVG is no good!) intact?

If, and only if, the EPS has no raster images embedded:


Note that you should be fine with SVG containing text, so long as you 
use Inkscape to convert the text to outlines before importing into 
Scribus. Don't save over your original copy of the SVG with this 
version, though.

Craig Ringer

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