[Scribus] Exporting to PDF

PLinnell mrdocs
Sat Jan 7 01:36:14 CET 2006

On Saturday 07 January 2006 00:29, Calum Polwart wrote:
> Could someone explain a little thing to me?  On Export to PDF there
> is an option labelled:
> "Resolution for EPS Graphics:"
> Does this mean that my line drawings are converted to 'bit map'
> before they are exported to PDF?  This seems a touch wasteful?
> I've just done an export using a single EPS Graphic - which
> according to 'Info' is 102dpi (why??  Why would an EPS graphic have
> a DPI at all?)
> I set the export settings to 300dpi for EPS graphics, and left the
> JPEG at 72dpi where it had been for a web export.
> The result is a bitty illustration...
> So - does Scribus convert my EPS to bitmap?  Is there an
> alternative that will leave my illustrations (from Inkscape, but
> containing text so SVG is no good!) intact?
> Calum

There are two ways to import EPS files:

1) You can import EPS file which are vector and/or text directly into 
Scribus and then they are native Scribus objects. In almost all 
cases, this is the preferred method.

2) If you draw an image frame, then import, the EPS is imported as a 
rasterized bitmap using Ghostscript and then upon either print or PDF 
export, it is exported with the dpi setting in the PDF dialog. 

Case 2 is the only way to import EPS files which have embedded bitmaps 

This is explained in detail in the docs under Help > Scribus > 
Importing > Importing EPS. 


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