[Scribus] Exporting to PDF - side note

Rainer Heilke rheilke
Sat Jan 7 17:10:56 CET 2006

Craig Ringer wrote:

>Yes, it does. Yes, it is. EPS, being PostScript, is a complex page 
>description language, and it can't be embedded converted directly into 
One small quibble--EPS, as a _subset_ of PostScript, is emphatically NOT 
a "page description language". PostScript is, but if you read the Red 
Book (admittedly, second edition, 1990), The PostScript code surrounding 
an EPS must deal with the page description (in fact, must do such things 
as redefine the showpage command before enclosing the EPS code in the 
document). EPS should not be used to define page characteristics, etc.

Not meaning to be a contrarian, but far too many programs have broken 
PostScript output by forgetting/ignoring this part of the standard. In a 
previous life as a digital printer, Corel was a consistent offender, and 
from what I hear, still is. I have not had any issues that I can point 
to Scribus' PostScript output (well done, folks!), so let's not make a 
mis-statement that may cause this in the future. :-)

We now return you to your regular programming...


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