[Scribus] How to update a link?

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Thu Jan 5 00:46:15 CET 2006

Hi Louis.
> BTW, what you describe here is almost exactly how we deal with related 
> files in our shop. Only, this is not driven by the application itself 
> (in this case, Quark) but at Finder level (on Mac OS X). Basically, when 
> a new project is started, it gets a serial number and we simply 
> duplicate a "main" folder that has all the subfolders we need, empty. 
> The main folder gets the serial number. It's so easy and so efficient. 
> And we have full control on how this tree is build.

I'd say it's almost natural or at least quite reasonable to work this 
way. However, it would really be fine if this could also be done on an 
application level. Think about fonts: If a Scribus project file would 
contain a path to a project related subdirectory that holds all the 
fonts, it might be possible to add a new font path to Scribus 
automatically, and only for the project. Also, Scribus will be available 
for Linux, OS X and Windoze (and can be compiled on many other flavours 
of Unix as well). Scribus projects could (hopefully) be moved around 
across platform borders without any problems. If it's only for that 
reason, implementing a project feature would be worth the sweat.

> However, as a separate discussion, there is still a need to better 
> handle updating links than what it is at the moment ? even if all known 
> apps work the same. Searching into an entire volume or part of it should 
> be left to the user's will, with the following limitation : search into 
> a "mother" folder and its children, at once. The program shouldn't look 
> for pictures where you don't want it to. So, not uphill searches... only 
> downhill. I can hardly see an issue with such a way to go and it could 
> improve dramatically the relinking of images ? it is an everyday task 
> when dealing with files coming from all over the city where we have no 
> control on how things were put together. Of course, this is from the 
> user's point of view.

I absolutely agree, although I don't know how much work has to be done 
to get this working cross-platform.

> Cheers! And a happy new year again!

The same to you!


> Louis

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