[Scribus] How to update a link?

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Thu Jan 5 00:34:17 CET 2006

Hi Asif,

> Acknowledged & agreed!  I talked about content management system because 
> having a project directory like the one you have described would also be 
> a stepping stone for a possible content management system because 
> content  (scrapbooks, vector, etc.) would be stored in different folders 
> (symlinked or otherwise) - which can be managed because they are 
> external to sla.  I mentioned the idea of a possible 
> strategy-pattern-driven content management system since there was a 
> discussion with regards to content management systems (storing text in 
> databases, perhaps) earlier on this list and, IIRC, inadequate 
> performance of some version control application was also mentioned.  
> Perhaps, developers can see my point.  The whole idea of storing 
> referenced resources (fonts, text, scrapbooks, etc. - as you have 
> mentioned above) as part of the project, perhaps, could be implemented 
> in a location-independent manner as well so that the hierarchy of the 
> content would stay the same - intact - but the _location_ of the content 
> may not necessarily be sub-directories - it could be database tables or 
> data files generated by some specialized storage/data engine well suited 
> to the job.  All I am saying is:  if  at all considered implementable, 
> code for the hierarchical structure should be implemented in a 
> location-independent way so that even if, for the time being, Scribus 
> doesn't use specialized data engines for storage, it could use them in 
> future - without disrupting the code.  Simply speaking, the code for the 
> project directory structure should be location independent and focused 
> on hierarchical storage & structure rather than the method/medium 
> (directories/files, disk, etc.) of storage so that the storage medium 
> can be replaced by data engines, content management systems later.  
> Talking about content management systems, I would duly like to mention 
> here that even XML can be stored in XML-centric data engines now.

All of what you say is true, of course, and it's a fascinating prospect. 
  But, as I wrote -- and I'm happy you agree --, let's (or better the 
guys who are making all the magic possible) do one step after another. I 
suppose, Scribus would need a new file format for projects, and if it is 
as carefully planned as the new file format, it will take into 
consideration all the opportunities you mentioned already on the drawing 

I think most important is to carefully discuss these points and give 
feedback to the wizards :)



> --
> Best regards,
> Asif

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