[Scribus] Creation of PDFs in black and white

Oleksandr Moskalenko malex
Wed Feb 22 01:03:59 CET 2006

* James King <chargerking at hotmail.com> [2006-02-21 13:46:56 +0000]:

> Thanks for the many replies, I'll upgrade by hand (I have been trying out 
> 1.2.x, downloaded from the kubuntu repository) and give that feature a try.
> Aplolgies if my english wasn't clear, by "which my printer requires" I meant 
> the printing company I send the full-quality PDF to!  Having gone back 
> through the Scrbus tutorial, with the addition of this feature and a change 
> to my workflow this should be a big help in compiling a mixed colour and b&w 
> magazine :-)
> James King


We have Ubuntu packages for both 1.2.4 series and 1.3.3cvs series in upstream
repositories - no need to do a manual build for you. Please read
http://debian.scribus.net/ and ask if you still have questions or concerns.



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