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Wed Feb 15 19:55:32 CET 2006

On Wed, 2006-02-15 at 19:44 +0100, Karl Sinn wrote:

> Hi again,
> Am Mittwoch 15 Februar 2006 17:08 schrieb Karl Sinn:
> > Great instruction, but it fails. At least in my case. Kprinter leaves a big
> > space between the two pages that should be together.
> >
> > Is that because of the page-size? My single pages are 105x163mm big and I
> > want to print on A4.
> I had a closer look to the produced output, and it seems that this feature 
> does like if I would print on A5 pages. In the example on the wiki it is 
> written that A4 pages can be used. That means he fits bigger pages to A5.
> But what can I do with my small than A5 pages?
> Do I have to learn psutils?

Pretty much yes , but you can do it with kprinter.

Print your document as normal to kprinter.  Choose Print to PDF.
Click Properties
Choose Filter Tab
Choose the appropriate filter and click the spanner next to the drop
down menu
Your command should be like this:
psnup  %filterargs %filterinput %filteroutput
(this is only doing n-pages per sheet) not booklet ordering..

Then you can add whatever you want as variables!
The one you want is OutputPaper which is like this:

Name: FinalPaperSize
Type: String
Format: -p%value
Deafultvalue: a4 (that's mine!)

You might also want InputPaperSize which for me is:

Name: InitialPaperSize
Type: String
Format: -P%value     Not the BIG P
Deafultvalue: a5 (that's mine!)

and pages per sheet:

Name: nup
Type: List
Format: -%value
Deafultvalue: 2
(Option list has 1 2 4 8 16)

Once you've edited click OK
and again on next window

You should now have the inital filter selection screen showing where you
could add other filters in if you wanted... (don't!)
Select the filter and click the spanner (this is all you normally need
to do)
You'll see the variables you've set up.  Enter in the info you need and
click OK and print it...
(I think psutils accepts pages in the format 123x456 as mm) but do a
google and check

If this doesn't make sense mail me off list and I'll try and explain


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