[Scribus] Booklet print

Karl Sinn news
Wed Feb 15 20:37:20 CET 2006


Am Mittwoch 15 Februar 2006 19:55 schrieb Calum Polwart:
> Print your document as normal to kprinter.  Choose Print to PDF.
> Click Properties
> Choose Filter Tab
> Choose the appropriate filter and click the spanner next to the drop
> down menu
> Your command should be like this:
> psnup  %filterargs %filterinput %filteroutput
> (this is only doing n-pages per sheet) not booklet ordering..

OK, I went in there, but this looks like chinese to me.
And I don't really understand what I do there so I better don't touch.

How about the psnup call?
Is this ok?

psnup -2 -w16.3cm -h21cm -W10.5cm -H16.3cm print.ps print1.ps

-2 = two pages per sheet
-w16.3cm output-page is 163mm width
-h21cm output-page height is 21cm  = two times the document width
-W10.5cm  document width is 10.5cm
-H16.3cm  document height is 16.3cm

Is that alright?


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