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Ludi Maciel iludi
Wed Feb 15 15:33:33 CET 2006

Em Ter 14 Fev 2006 23:57, Rich Shepard escreveu:
> On Tue, 14 Feb 2006, Craig Bradney wrote:
> > How many layers do you want tho... this is too many imo.
> Craig,
>    I prefer one layer: Edit->Preferences. 
Em Qua 15 Fev 2006 11:25, Louis Desjardins escreveu:
>Edit > Application preferences
>Edit > Document preferences
>be an option?

I disagree.
As a 'kder' Settings > Preferences (Configura??es > Prefer?ncias) has much 
more sense to me.
Scribus could detect what is the default DE and set the menus to match it (but 
still too much work for almost nothing).

>The dialog box can have as many tabs as necessary.
I disagree here too. As a translator, I get to pay attention to not exceed the 
size of the dialog boxes, and it's taking more and more space.
Let's be realistic. Most people downstairs (south hemisphere) still uses a 15" 
CRT monitor  (including the learning environment), and the resolution of 
They wouldn't be any happy with a 'dialog overflow'.


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