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Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Wed Feb 15 14:25:56 CET 2006

>On Tue, Feb 14, 2006 at 08:04:09PM -0500, Louis Desjardins wrote:
>>  Is there a problem having this ? la Quark? Basically, with no document
>>  open (like for font path in Scribus) the changes will affect all new
>>  documents. When working on a document, the specs can be edited to suit a
>>  specific need and these new settings will remain attached to that
>>  document. A dialog will warn you if there are any changes and if you
>>  want to keep document settings or apply the app settings.
>That's how 1.2.x does it IIRC, and it caused enough confusion that it
>was changed in the 1.3.x series. I know the users at work still find the
>Quark behaviour confusing even after literally 10 years of use (though
>they're not the most computer literate or logical folks I'm afraid).
>There's something to be said for doing it the way some other big player
>does it, but in this case I think the Quark approach is rather less than

Am I in the right direction saying this can be narrowed to a 
labelling issue? I think this is mainly what confuses people. I have 
no problem discovering a new set of tools, a new approach to 
something or anything different from what we're used to. Only, it has 
to be clear! From what I read on the list, I see many people having 
the same concern. It's a "what does what" basic questionning. And I 
am not ready to throw away the solution the Team came up with at this 
moment, only the way it's labelled! Words, Words, Words!

Edit > Preferences
File > Document setup
is confusing

Edit > Application preferences
Edit > Document preferences
be an option?

*Including* the 2 sentences you proposed a few post ago so it is very clear.

Some other thoughts, folks?



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