[Scribus] Status of Indic language support in Scribus (Gora Mohanty)

Gora Mohanty gora_mohanty
Fri Feb 3 10:03:43 CET 2006

--- Maciej Hanski <ma_han2000 at yahoo.de> wrote:
> Gora Mohanty napisa??(a):
> > After the next few days, I am going to start an effort within
> > IndLinux to put together an exhaustive set of tests for Indic
> > rendering. Links to these will go on the IndLinux wiki, and I
> > will post to this list, providing a link to the wiki entry.
> > How does that sound?

> It would be a good start, IMHO. I would also consider useful some
> info about the current status  (i.e. "No support" for the time
> being, "In progress" in a couple of months?),  links/descriptions
> of various Indian localisation teams, perhaps place where testers
> to be could add their contact info, links to good fonts incl. 
> descriptions, etc... Since there has been several mails regarding
> this topic (e.g. search the list for "Devangari"), it would be good
> to have a page with basic information, to direct people to it, first.

Till now, IndLinux has been functioning as a loose umbrella
of individual language teams, and development has been rather
In spite of this, some of the language teams have made considerable
progress. We are trying to formalize the process, and should soon have
more organized procedures. I will contact you offline for a Wiki
account, where I can put together a list of links to relevant IndLinux
pages. Some of what you ask for above is already available.


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