[Scribus] Downloading & Installing - a Newbie's problems!

David Lloyd djm.lloyd
Thu Feb 2 18:47:50 CET 2006

First of all, may I say thank you for allowing me to join the mailing  
list and, secondly, I hope to be able to make good use of it.

I have recently moved over to the Mac OS X after having purchased a  
Mac Mini. I have used Windows - in all it's various forms - for many  
years and am, naturally, quite at home with it.

However, in common with many other people, I am now fed up with the  
constant problems which never seem to be addressed properly. So,  
Apple, here I am!

Whilst using Windows XP, I have been using Quark XPress 4.0 for my  
DTP needs. At the price given for the Mac version (nearly ?900) there  
is no way that I can afford to but. I like Quark XPress and, having  
read several bits about Scribus, it would seem to me that it would  
come pretty close to Quark. I would, therefore, like to give it a try.

Bearing in mind that I am new to the Mac and am used to the ease of  
installing programs under Windows, I have to say that it came as a  
bit of a shock when I checked your site for downloads after seeing  
reference to your program in Mac Format magazine. I was completely  
overwhelmed and just do not know where to start!

Perhaps someone would be able to let me know just what files I would  
need to download, where to put them on the Mac and any other help -  
in simple English if possible - you can give to make the experience  
reasonably easy and pleasurable.

Kind regards to all and keep up the good work.

Looking forward to some help.


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