[Scribus] Status of Indic language support in Scribus (Gora Mohanty)

Gora Mohanty gora_mohanty
Wed Feb 1 07:01:05 CET 2006

--- "Sukhi Venkat (TnQ)" <skvenkat at tnq.co.in> wrote:
> Apple's AAT seems to render Indic fonts well. I have checked out
> XeTeX (http://scripts.sil.org/xetex) for Tamil throughly and it works

> fine. You can check out XeTeX for Oriya, but you need access to a Mac
> X and you need to know a bit of TeX.

I do extensively use TeX and LaTeX, and a version that worked easily
Unicode would be wonderful. Access to Mac OS X is more problematic for
but is possible on and off. Is the specification for AAT open? Is there
documentation available? From what little I have learnt from other
AAT is proprietary, and poorly documented.

> I found UTF-8 OS support in Fedora Core 3 for Tamil has some bugs but
> it works fine in XeTeX's PDF renderer. I suppose for KDE the support
> comes from Trolltech's Qt...

Fedora Core 4 is much improved from Core 3, though there are still some
issues, such as printing from Mozilla. I do not know about Tamil
in particular, but if you would care to file a bug report, TrollTech
(makers of QT) has been quite responsive. Alternatively, we at IndLinux
will soon initiate a program to allow testing of rendering of Indian
scripts, so you could participate in that. Likewise, ICU and Pango do
take heed of properly filed bug reports.

> How good is the Oriya rendering at the OS level in Linux, e.g. in a
> UTF-8 text editor like gedit?

After the recent series of bug-fixes, Oriya works perfectly in ICU,
GTK (i.e., from GNOME 2.12 onwards), and QT4 (should be incorporated in
KDE4), at least as far as the rendering of the comprehensive set of
conjuncts using the available open-source Oriya OpenType fonts goes.


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