[Scribus] Web optimised PDF

Wolfgang Dobler WDobler
Wed Feb 1 10:24:25 CET 2006

 Gregory Pittman writes:
 > The only way that I can make output look jaggy in AR7 is if I go to Page 
 > Display in Preferences and turn off smoothing of text, line art, and 
 > images.

Now that I try it with a short test document, I cannot reproduce the
problem either. And I now seem to recall I didn't have it all the time
with the full newsletter. Interesting...

 > The lightness of images can also be achieved by setting Scribus as if 
 > you were making PDF for print.

You mean, choosing the PDF-X3 profile instead of PS? Or PDF-1.4? Or any?

W o l f g a n g

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