[Scribus] Status of Indic language support in Scribus (Gora Mohanty)

Sukhi Venkat TnQ skvenkat
Wed Feb 1 06:10:10 CET 2006

Gora Mohanty wrote on Tue, 31 Jan 2006 16:43:35 +0000:

> Great. Is there a timeline for when the versions will be out?

Apple's AAT seems to render Indic fonts well. I have checked out XeTeX
(http://scripts.sil.org/xetex) for Tamil throughly and it works fine.
You can check out XeTeX for Oriya, but you need access to a Mac OS X and
you need to know a bit of TeX.

I found UTF-8 OS support in Fedora Core 3 for Tamil has some bugs but it
works fine in XeTeX's PDF renderer. I suppose for KDE the support comes
from Trolltech's Qt...

How good is the Oriya rendering at the OS level in Linux, e.g. in a
UTF-8 text editor like gedit?


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