[Scribus] Some questions:

John R. Culleton john
Fri Dec 29 22:12:11 CET 2006

I tried doing a 5 page chapter from a book in Unfortunately whenever 
I imported a grahic it would carsh with no message. So I downloaded, compiled 
and installed Now the crashing goes away. 

I still have some questions, mostly centering around text. I have a "story" 
that goes on for about 5 pages. 

1. When I click on hyphenation all the text disappears! But after several 
Ctl-Z's I got it back with a few hyphenations.  I need a step-by step on 

2. TeX automatically squeezes out all extra spaces between words. Can I get 
Scribus to do this? HOw?

3. The text came in with lots of " instead of left and right quotes. Is there 
a quick way to get all these replaced? 

4. Scribus seems to treat each carriage return as the start of a new 
paragraph. How do I merge these lines together into a single paragraph in 
story editor?

5. A new customer sends me files in a Mac-only format with the suffix  .cwk. 
Will my Linux Scribus import such files?

6. If I build up the book story by story in Scribus, what is the best way to 
merge them together? I want each story to start on a new page of course. 

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