[Scribus] Ghostscript acting like an invisible ghost

Martin Costabel costabel
Sun Dec 24 18:53:12 CET 2006

Louis Desjardins wrote:
> I get the same message with a Fink build of <> on 
> OS X 10.4 but gs is indeed present in the external tools and PDF and EPS 
> export both work fine.

In the external tools preferences, did you put the full path for 
ghostscript, "/sw/bin/gs", or just the basename "gs"?

The latter will only work if your Scribus.app is started with a decent 
PATH environment variable which is not the case by default. One 
possibility to define this environment is to create or modify the file


(file environment.plist in the folder .MacOSX in your home directory)
and put lines like


inside. On the next login, this will modify Finder's environment and by 
heritage, also the one of Scribus.app. It will then be sufficient to 
write "gs" (without quotes) into the preferences line.

Mutatis mutandis, this will work for the case of a framework-based gs, too.


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