[Scribus] My PDF file was printed not right by a factory

Kite Lau kitelau
Sun Dec 24 11:53:03 CET 2006

I worked out an artwork for a product gift box using Scribus. I sent the
output PDF file to a factory to print it. First time number of copy was
15,000. Today I saw the final box and was a little disappointed by that
factory. The vector lines,  fonts, expecially small fonts on the box are
not smooth on the edge. Now I suspect that they imported the PDF into
photoshop as bitmaps and then do the printing output. I think I shall
talk to the factory and warn them next time. As far as I know, most of
people here in China make gift box etc. using Coreldraw, so most of them
know coreldraw files but do not know how to handle PDF files correctly.



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