[Scribus] Printing terms and Printers

Roger hovergo
Wed Dec 20 23:34:24 CET 2006

Maybe Scribus Guru's can help me please.
In plain English what do these Gimp print terms mean:

Effective Filter Locale

Adaptive Hybrid
Adaptive Floyd Steinberg

STP saturation
STP Brightness
STP Gamma

Magenta level
Cyan level
Yellow level

Ghostscript Resolution

I have no idea what the STP terms are, what Gamma or density means to the printed page,
Altering any  or all these stops my Cannon S520 from printing.

Help in understanding is appreciated

My regards and compliments of the season to each of you at this special time of year.
May your New Year be one of prosperity and adventure and may Scribus become the standard.

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