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> Maybe Scribus Guru's can help me please.
> In plain English what do these Gimp print terms mean:
> Effective Filter Locale
> Adaptive Hybrid
> Ordered,
> Adaptive Floyd Steinberg
One type of dithering algorithm. see 

> STP saturation

saturation is how much ink is used to produce the colour, for more 
info see  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saturation_(color_theory) 
basically the intensity a 100% shade of a colour appears (bit like 
watering down an ink)
> STP Brightness
Brightness is how bright each of the colours appers, if you have a CRT 
monitor then it might have a brightnes controll on in.
> STP Gamma
Dont realy know how to explain this, but its a bit like a brightness 
control, but weighted so that some values get affected more than 
others. Not sure if wikipedia does a good job of describing it but its 
better than me ;-)

> Density
> Magenta level
> Cyan level
> Yellow level
these are how much ink you have left, but this should be stuff that 
the printer driver is reporting to you (eg you are about to run out of 
red ink), not letting you change in a print diologe..
> Ghostscript Resolution
Guessing that the printer is not a postcript printer, maybe it is 
using ghostscript to convert the ps files that most programs produce 
when printing to an image format that the printer can understand, and 
this gives the driver info on what resolution image it should be 
> I have no idea what the STP terms are, what Gamma or density means to
> the printed page,
> Altering any  or all these stops my Cannon S520 from printing.
hm, some of this strikes as a defective printer driver, e.g. the 
printer driver is trying to expose extra features of the printer, but 
is failing to do so.
> Help in understanding is appreciated
hope that helps, but I must say that I realy don't know what I am 
talking about so feel free to ignore me ;-)
> My regards and compliments of the season to each of you at this
> special time of year.
> May your New Year be one of prosperity and adventure and may Scribus
> become the standard.
> regards
> Roger
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