[Scribus] cmyk output question

stu seven stu7seven
Tue Dec 19 18:51:16 CET 2006

+    Thanks to one replier, I have been able to simulate
CMYK output in a PDF from Scribus... this problem came
up when trying to print solid color in SVG images.
This CMYK output simulation is an excellent feature - now,
however I have a slightly different and related problem.

      Since Scribus very exactly "predicted" the CMYK
printer output... I compared my off-color print with this
Scribus file, and was amazed, and would never have taken
that file to the printer had I seen this simulated color first...
now Im wondering, can Scribus also generate the necessary
compensated colors - those which will match my original image
color (again, as is to be printed on the CMYK machine) ?

     What settings would I use to produce a PDF with color
suitable for the CMYK printing ?  Sorry to ask this again, but
its a little complicated, and Im not finding any tutorial.

     Im using the stable very nice, and thanks again
to all who worked to have this ready for Xmas !

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