[Scribus] printable border for a table?

Adam Lafayette atomlbomb
Tue Dec 19 20:17:22 CET 2006

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> .  sorry Adam, but Im not following what you mean by
> "a printing border"... do you mean just add a white border...
>  or... do you want to print a solid color border around the
> tables ?  Im sure it can be done, but which are you trying
> to do ?

When I make a table there is a dotted black line (border) around the table
that does not get printed.  I would like to make a change so that
I have a black line (border) either solid or dotted around the table that gets printed.

On the specific file I'm working on I am making a flyer that is repeated 6 times on
one page.  I will use the border as a cutting guide to separate each flyer.

I hope I explained it better this time.

Once again this is scribus on windows XP.

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