[Scribus] Linking Frames, columns, etc.

Henry Hartley henryhartley
Fri Dec 8 18:04:13 CET 2006

Craig Bradney wrote:

>> Select frame A, click on link frames icon, select frame B
>> Select frame B, click on link frames icon, select frame C

Ah.  It never occurred to me to do it that way.  Thanks.

>> > 3) Columns - The template has frames with three columns.  I
>> > cannot for the life of me find any way to change those - either
>> > to remove columns or add them to a new frame.  Where and how is
>> > that done?
>> Shape tab of Properties Palette.

Again, it's probably the one place I didn't look.

>> > completely nuts.  While 1.2.5 is the "official" stable release,
>> > I know that there has been a lot of work done since then.  Are
>> > any of these things noticeably easier, more reliable or simply
>> > possible in
>> 1.3.3.x is the official stable version these days. is the
>> latest release.
>> 1.3.4x+is the unstable series.

With scribus.net being down, I think I found an old version of the site
(http://web2.altmuehlnet.de/fschmid/download.html) which is where I got
the idea this was the current stable release.  Whoever runs that site
might replace it with a redirect to scribus.net.  Actually, on the
download page of scribus.net (which seems to be back up now) it says
"latest stable version of Scribus" under version 1.2.5.  Anyway, since I
had planned on upgrading to FC6 over the weekend, that will apparently
get me to in any case.

Thanks for taking the time to straighten me out.  Scribus is quite
remarkable, if a little rough around the edges (in version 1.2.5,
anyway).  Thanks to the developers


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