[Scribus] Linking Frames, columns, etc.

Craig Bradney cbradney
Fri Dec 8 17:30:00 CET 2006

> I feel a bit stupid asking this but scribus.net seems to be down and I
> can't figure out what I'm supposed to do.  I'm using Scribus 1.2.5 on

Dont feel stupid.. this is a place to ask such questions.
> 1) I opened a "New from template" and selected one of the newsletter
> templates.  Seemed like a good idea at the time.  One thing I can't
> figure out, though, is how I change the document from A4 to US Letter
> size.  Can I?  Or do I have to edit and save as a new template before I
> use it to create a new file?  How do I do that?

Not in 1.2.x
> 2) Linking Frames - I finally found the icon in the tool bar for linking
> frames but it isn't clear exactly what I'm supposed to do.  It appears
> that I should select two frames and then click that, after which I can
> "Get text" and it will flow between the two frames.  Problem is,
> sometimes it works, sometimes not.  Is there a procedure I can follow
> that will consistently work?  A few specific questions:
> 	a) Is there any way to select frames on different pages?  It
> doesn't appear so.
> 	b) How do you specify which frame comes first?  That is,
> sometimes the text would start in the wrong frame.
> These questions become even more important when dealing with three
> frames.  Sometimes two would be linked but not the third.  I never got
> three to all link and also get the text in the right order.

Select frame A, click on link frames icon, select frame B
Select frame B, click on link frames icon, select frame C

or in 1.3.x:
Select frame A, click on link frames icon, select frame B, select frame C.
Click back on page to get out of link mode.

>> 3) Columns - The template has frames with three columns.  I cannot for
> the life of me find any way to change those - either to remove columns
> or add them to a new frame.  Where and how is that done?

Shape tab of Properties Palette.

> completely nuts.  While 1.2.5 is the "official" stable release, I know
> that there has been a lot of work done since then.  Are any of these
> things noticeably easier, more reliable or simply possible in

1.3.3.x is the official stable version these days. is the latest
1.3.4x+is the unstable series.


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