[Scribus] Finding a Font (OT)

Calum Polwart scribus
Thu Dec 7 19:49:54 CET 2006

On Wed, 2006-12-06 at 22:01 -0200, Urs Schuetz wrote:On Wed, 06 Dec
2006, Calum Polwart wrote:
> > 
> > - Anyone know of a 'free' font (which behaves in Scribus) that looks
> > very similar to Myriad.  (From what I understand there is actually
> > Myriad included in Acrobat Reader - but that is hearsay)
> Are you on a linux platform? Install acroread 7 and look at:
> /opt/Acrobat7/Resource/Font/
> or check on your system with
> # locate yriad
> Independent on wether you have the fonts or not you should check
> the licensing issues.

OK on Ubuntu is actually usr/local instead of opt.

This is what the (c) statement says:

"? 2000, 2004 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All Rights Reserved. U.S.
Patent D454,582"

Having never (knowingly) ventured into (c) fonts - what does this
actually mean?  Does it mean I can't distribute the font but can use it
for any purpose - eg to create a PDF and embed the font/subset the font?
I expected that there would be some reference to a licence - but all I
can see is the basic (c) statement.

However the two sites I was looking for were probably

myfonts.com (whatthefont)

Neither have come up with a hit yet!

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