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Robert Memering memering
Thu Dec 7 11:38:34 CET 2006

Am Donnerstag, 7. Dezember 2006 01:01 schrieb Urs Schuetz:
> > The font involved is Myriad Pro - nice but nothing to write home about.
> >
> > So what I want to know is:
> >
> > - Anyone know of a 'free' font (which behaves in Scribus) that looks
> > very similar to Myriad.  (From what I understand there is actually
> > Myriad included in Acrobat Reader - but that is hearsay)
> Are you on a linux platform? Install acroread 7 and look at:
> /opt/Acrobat7/Resource/Font/
> or check on your system with
> # locate yriad
> Independent on wether you have the fonts or not you should check
> the licensing issues.

The licensing of the fonts that come with Adobe Reader is
rather unclear. After all, Myriad and Minion are quite
expensive when purchased regularly.

However, I found a very interesting forum thread about this
in German:

The most interesting part is near the bottom.
Someone actually asked Adobe Customer Service
about this licensing issue and posted Adobe's
answer to the forum:

 Vielen Dank f?r Ihre Anfrage.
 Entschuldigungen f?r dieses sp?tes Antwort.
 Es ist kein Problem, die Fonts mit anderen 
 Programmen zu nutzen.
 Falls Sie R?ckfragen haben, k?nnen Sie uns gerne jederzeit kontaktieren.
 Mit freundlichen Gr??en,
 Cisca Kroon
 Adobe Kundendienst
 Tel: (DE) 06950071855
 Tel: (CH) 018009581
 Tel: (A) 0179567484
 Fax: 0031 20 5820800
 Email: german-custserv at adobe.com

The statement that matters in this answer is:
"Es ist kein Problem, die Fonts mit anderen 
 Programmen zu nutzen."

In English:

"It is no problem to use the fonts with other

If you still feel unsure if this is really waterproof,
I recommend a font bundle by Adobe called
"Adobe Type Basics". It is relatively inexpensive and
contains, among others, Adobe Garamond, Adobe Caslon,
and... Myriad. All in the "Pro" OTF versions.


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