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Calum Polwart a ?crit :
> On Wed, 2006-12-06 at 22:01 -0200, Urs Schuetz wrote:On Wed, 06 Dec
> 2006, Calum Polwart wrote:
> <snip>
>>>- Anyone know of a 'free' font (which behaves in Scribus) that looks
>>>very similar to Myriad.  (From what I understand there is actually
>>>Myriad included in Acrobat Reader - but that is hearsay)
>>Are you on a linux platform? Install acroread 7 and look at:
>>or check on your system with
>># locate yriad
>>Independent on wether you have the fonts or not you should check
>>the licensing issues.
> OK on Ubuntu is actually usr/local instead of opt.
> This is what the (c) statement says:
> "? 2000, 2004 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All Rights Reserved. U.S.
> Patent D454,582"
> Having never (knowingly) ventured into (c) fonts - what does this
> actually mean?  Does it mean I can't distribute the font but can use it
> for any purpose - eg to create a PDF and embed the font/subset the font?
> I expected that there would be some reference to a licence - but all I
> can see is the basic (c) statement.
> However the two sites I was looking for were probably
> identifont.com
> myfonts.com (whatthefont)
> Neither have come up with a hit yet!

Myriad is well named. It has numerous variants and this is one good 
reason why it is so commonly used (not the only one, of course). ITC 
Stone Sans comes to mind if you have to find a font relatively close to 
Myriad. Also, the Agfa Rotis Sans Serif and Agfa Rotis Semisans might 
please you. These fonts are distributed by Adobe and are part of the 
FontFolio offering.

I cannot tell whether Adobe distributes for free the whole Myriad font. 
What they might do is ship Acrobat Reader with a partial set and ask 
that you buy the font in full if you need all the variants. Again, you'd 
have to check. Just an hint, maybe.



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