[Scribus] Word file corrections

Calum Polwart scribus
Wed Dec 6 12:54:24 CET 2006

On Wed, 2006-12-06 at 16:43 +1100, Roger wrote:

> Consider getting your editor or submitter,  to save and send in small plain text files, say a page
> or subject per page, what ever.
> You also save and send the file changes in plain text,  then only you have to do the Scribus thing
> and .doc or any other format problems reduce considerably. ]
> And best of all you only have to insert the altered text into an off page text box, check it, move
> the original off page and move the new one on page, then when satisfied delete all the off page text
> boxes.
I'm not editing - he is! so he sends me a document in word format -
which he has layed out on the same size page with the same size font to
get a feel for what'll fit on the page.

Then I import into scribus apply formatting etc.  Then I PDF and send

He then comes back having read the proof and says on page 9 there is a
spelling error on line 6, and on Page 10 can we change the grammar in
this sentence etc.

I manually make those changes and re-create the PDF for final proof.
(If I'm really unlucky he wants more changes!!)

If I send back the txt file and let him edit it I'll need to reapply any
formatting when i get it back.  Sometimes that's no effort, sometimes
that's complex.  If the article runs over several columns and pages -
recreating the boxes is a pain, so its easier to delete the text and
re-paste (or to edit in Scribus).

But it sounds as though the French Fish Book guys have written a  script
to enable the words to be editted in a web page - now that'd be cool!  I
also see more and more 'create your own' sites cropping up.  Like create
your own business cards etc.  I'm thinking Scribus's XML format could be
used to underly that kind of thing where you are only changing words on
a standard template... and then export to PDF? or at least to a scribus

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