[Scribus] Word file corrections

Roger hovergo
Wed Dec 6 06:43:25 CET 2006

I've considered getting him to install windows Scribus now that its
stable.  But I think the learning curve remains steep for someone who
wants to stick to text rather than layout.

We've also discussed setting up something live cvs before for
maintaining 'dependant files' but again I think the curve is too steep.

Consider getting your editor or submitter,  to save and send in small plain text files, say a page
or subject per page, what ever.
You also save and send the file changes in plain text,  then only you have to do the Scribus thing
and .doc or any other format problems reduce considerably. ]
And best of all you only have to insert the altered text into an off page text box, check it, move
the original off page and move the new one on page, then when satisfied delete all the off page text

In Scribus we are not constricted to only the visible page, we have the whole screen and can move
i=mages and text boxes to where ever we want, only placing them on a page when we wish to print.


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