[Scribus] Font management programs

Dave Crossland dave
Wed Dec 6 02:44:49 CET 2006

On 05/12/06, Peter Nermander <peter.nermander at abc.se> wrote:
> > What it gains you is the ability to create a hierarchic catalogue of
> > your own fonts, arranged in whatever order you like. The utility of
> > this to professional graphic designers should not be underestimated,
> > despite that it is not neccessary for many non-professional graphic
> > designers, which at the moment is the bulk of Scribus' user base.
> Couldn't this be acheived by using a directory of symlinks to the real fonts?
> So the "font manager" would manage this set of symlinks.

Yes, that might work. But it could be achieved many ways in the back
end, the important thing is the front end - a good GUI that makes it
easy to do is the primary thing :-)

Although I wrote 'hierarchic catalogue,' I think a system that takes
into account more recent ways of organising things - tagging - could
be very useful.

Perhaps some kind of web service could be created that you could
upload your catalog to, and so when you added a new font the system
could look at what other fonts it is commonly grouped with and present
those groupings as suggestions?


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