[Scribus] Trouble with Free Objects

Calum Polwart scribus
Tue Dec 5 21:50:26 CET 2006

On Mon, 2006-12-04 at 21:08 -0800, joolean wrote:
> Yes. Just an A4 I'm using for imposition. Scribus doesn't seem to have built
> in imposition like Publisher yet.
No - its planned for future - but not available yet.
> When I import a 120 x 120 document I get a 120 x 120 page... instead of
> > my old A4 page?  Can someone tell me how to import two pages onto one
> > larger page
> That is also correct. A bug in Scribus I imagine. 
I *think* its a feature rather than a bug!  I think it is meant to keep
the page size from the imported document.

> You just need to resize
> the page in document setup again.

OK so If I have this right you then end up with a 120x120 page
positioned in the top left corner of the page.  Which means you can't
bleed the LHS or Top? Unless you drag the objects... am I right?

> You can import two 120x120mm pages onto the one A4 page, you just need to
> resize the document back to A4 after doing this.

I couldn't see how you got them both on one page but you have to untick
the move objects with page ;-)
> This is opposite to what happens on Windows. We have shapes that are mainly
> on the page and only hangover a little bit, but still get lumped in the Free
> Objects category in Outline view. Yes, reopening the file changes things but
> I think that's nothing more than Scribus not updating windows when it does
> something. I.e. Changing names of objects doesn't take effect until you
> reopen the document. Same for lots of other changes.
> Don't know if this is Scribus or the Windows graphics libraries they're
> using. Somewhat frustrating.
Sorry no access to a windows version to test it (But does it not use Qt
on Windows??).  If you can put the sla on a website I can see what linux
does with it. (have you raised a bug? I could get the file from bugs if

But if you are reopening the doc and they are no longer showing free -
why would they not be imported?

OK so what's the work around?  Cut & Paste? If you have to reposition
anyway that's not THAT bad an idea!

External imposition tools (see the wiki on booklets) - these could do
the job although you'll need to tweak the command for funny page sizes
but you don't get crop lines etc

Or - and here's the thing I've never understood about bleed!  If you are
doing a 120 x 120 document and it needs 5mm bleed why would you not
create a 130 x 130 document and put a guide in at 5mm, and 125mm which
is effectively where the crops will be.  In fact you could go even
bigger and put the crops in as well?

I'm thinking as I type (never good!) For a booklet you'd want 125(w)
x130(h) as you don't bleed on the fold with mirrored "margins" (guides?)
on the opposing pages.  If that solves the overhang then you are
sorted... I'm sure someone will now explain to me why we don't do that!
> Are the objects definitely 'free' on the page and not 'free' on the
> > master page?  Can something be free on a (master) page if you catch my
> > drift.
> No, they're definately on the page. Don't even think about using Master
> Pages if you want to import it into another document. You get all sorts of
> problems.
> Linux has 'Free objects'
> Good :)
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