[Scribus] Trouble with Free Objects

joolean julesdownloads
Tue Dec 5 06:08:44 CET 2006

Confused.  Is this something new?  I cant see anything about an
> 'imposition' document - is this really just an A4 scribus document that
> you are using for the imposition? - or does it have some mystery
> property..

Yes. Just an A4 I'm using for imposition. Scribus doesn't seem to have built
in imposition like Publisher yet.

When I import a 120 x 120 document I get a 120 x 120 page... instead of
> my old A4 page?  Can someone tell me how to import two pages onto one
> larger page

That is also correct. A bug in Scribus I imagine. You just need to resize
the page in document setup again.
You can import two 120x120mm pages onto the one A4 page, you just need to
resize the document back to A4 after doing this.

I was about to say I CAN import vector objects which are free? (in
> Ubuntu on  I've drawn a circle in the top left corner and had
> only 1/4 on the page and it still imports perfectly.  However, when I
> have reopened the document it is no longer free!  Its an object on the
> relevant page.  I *think* but don't know (couldn't reproduce) that
> locking may have an influence - but I seems that if I draw the shape and
> go to window it says its free.  Even if I save it - it says its free.
> But if I close and reopen it the object is no longer free!  If none of
> the object touches a page it appears to remain free.

This is opposite to what happens on Windows. We have shapes that are mainly
on the page and only hangover a little bit, but still get lumped in the Free
Objects category in Outline view. Yes, reopening the file changes things but
I think that's nothing more than Scribus not updating windows when it does
something. I.e. Changing names of objects doesn't take effect until you
reopen the document. Same for lots of other changes.
Don't know if this is Scribus or the Windows graphics libraries they're
using. Somewhat frustrating.

Are the objects definitely 'free' on the page and not 'free' on the
> master page?  Can something be free on a (master) page if you catch my
> drift.

No, they're definately on the page. Don't even think about using Master
Pages if you want to import it into another document. You get all sorts of

Linux has 'Free objects'

Good :)
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