[Scribus] Trouble with Free Objects

Calum Polwart scribus
Mon Dec 4 23:12:46 CET 2006

On Sun, 2006-12-03 at 23:57 -0800, joolean wrote:
> I'm teaching a class where we're using Scribus to create a CD booklet.
Sorry this is not really an answer! But perhaps you may answer my qu's!
And see my comments below about saving and re-opening.

I just copied your workflow in linux ...
> The process is
> 1. Create a Scribus CD booklet document with 120mm x 120mm dimensions and 8
> pages.
> 2. Create a Scribus imposition document A4 with crop, fold and registration
> marks.
? Confused.  Is this something new?  I cant see anything about an
'imposition' document - is this really just an A4 scribus document that
you are using for the imposition? - or does it have some mystery

> 3. Import two pages from the CD document into one page of the imposition
> document using the Page->Import feature so it will print properly.
 When I import a 120 x 120 document I get a 120 x 120 page... instead of
my old A4 page?  Can someone tell me how to import two pages onto one
larger page
> Seems simple enough but one of my students is having trouble with Free
> Objects. These show up in the Outline window under the item 'Free Objects'
> which contains any objects that aren't part of a page.
> The problem is that she has a few vector shapes that are part on and part
> off the page but Scribus keeps putting them in the Free Objects category and
> then when she tries to import the page into the imposition document, those
> objects aren't importing because Scribus treats them as not being part of
> that page.

I was about to say I CAN import vector objects which are free? (in
Ubuntu on  I've drawn a circle in the top left corner and had
only 1/4 on the page and it still imports perfectly.  However, when I
have reopened the document it is no longer free!  Its an object on the
relevant page.  I *think* but don't know (couldn't reproduce) that
locking may have an influence - but I seems that if I draw the shape and
go to window it says its free.  Even if I save it - it says its free.
But if I close and reopen it the object is no longer free!  If none of
the object touches a page it appears to remain free.

I guess the opening process allocates the overlapping objectto the page.
Curiously I also don't seem to get an error on preflighting these once
the overhang is not 'free' - I think thats a change from the past.
> We've tried grouping all the items on the page but that doesn't work. Is
> there a way to attach objects to a page or is it simply not possible to have
> objects that are part on and part off a page?
> The reason for the objects hanging over is bleed. When they're imported into
> the A4 document, the overhanging bits just get cut off.

Are the objects definitely 'free' on the page and not 'free' on the
master page?  Can something be free on a (master) page if you catch my
> I've searched for Free Objects on the forums but couldn't find any
> references which really surprises me. We're using Windows with Scribus
> Does the Linux version not have Free Objects?
Linux has 'Free objects'
> Thanks,
> Julian.

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