[Scribus] Linux's font system

Craig Ringer craig
Tue Dec 5 01:45:47 CET 2006

wtb41 wrote:
> Jan wrote:
>> You talk about *4* fonts. In a usual system, you have about 400 and more at 
>> hand. It's no fun to build the font metrics for that many fonts any time X
> is 
>> started. That's why there is a disk cache which is updated only on font 
>> installation.
> My reply:

We know ;-)

> I see your point about the cache, but you and I seem to differ as
> to where the 
> font "installation" process begins and ends. As to System fonts, I say font
> installation ends

Honestly, I think that's a pointless distinction. Installing new fonts 
/triggers/ a cache rebuild, so I see no practical difference. You asked 
what the font installation process was on various platforms, so I've 
explained as best I can - and that involves covering system and app font 
caches, whether force rebuilt after font installation or rebuilt on demand.

Minor semantics like where you prefer to draw the line on "installation" 
probably won't have any actual effect on using the fonts, other 
software, etc, so I'm not quite sure why the argument I see on this list 
is happening.

Craig Ringer

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