[Scribus] Trouble with Free Objects

joolean julesdownloads
Mon Dec 4 08:57:20 CET 2006

I'm teaching a class where we're using Scribus to create a CD booklet.

The process is
1. Create a Scribus CD booklet document with 120mm x 120mm dimensions and 8
2. Create a Scribus imposition document A4 with crop, fold and registration
3. Import two pages from the CD document into one page of the imposition
document using the Page->Import feature so it will print properly.

Seems simple enough but one of my students is having trouble with Free
Objects. These show up in the Outline window under the item 'Free Objects'
which contains any objects that aren't part of a page.

The problem is that she has a few vector shapes that are part on and part
off the page but Scribus keeps putting them in the Free Objects category and
then when she tries to import the page into the imposition document, those
objects aren't importing because Scribus treats them as not being part of
that page.

We've tried grouping all the items on the page but that doesn't work. Is
there a way to attach objects to a page or is it simply not possible to have
objects that are part on and part off a page?
The reason for the objects hanging over is bleed. When they're imported into
the A4 document, the overhanging bits just get cut off.

I've searched for Free Objects on the forums but couldn't find any
references which really surprises me. We're using Windows with Scribus Does the Linux version not have Free Objects?

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