[Scribus] Default command for starting scribus 1.3.x

Axel Bojer axelb
Sat Aug 26 18:54:24 CEST 2006

Riku Leino skrev:
> Axel Bojer wrote:
>> Ok, thats new for me :-)
>> --program-suffix=SUFFIX
>> ought to be it, then ...
>> But
>> mv /usr/local/bin/scribus /usr/local/bin/scribus-ng
>> is just as fast :-)
> You'll want --prefix=/some/dir/other/than/other/scribus/installations
> cause otherwise their plugins and all other resources will get mixed.

Ok ln -s /usr/local/bin/scribus-ng /usr/local/bin/scribus
will fix this for now, and the next time I will do it the right way, 
then :-)

>> My point is not that this is difficult to change somehow, but that I
>> suggest a new default, but well, enough, now it is said :-)
> And next time some other random person installs scribus with the new default 
> and that default already has another scribus version installed should we then 
> again change the default? And /usr/local is something like a standard for 
> your default prefix. Any app you build with autotools will default to that 
> dir unless some other prefix are given during the configure.

Well ?scribus? is the default command, I suppose. And debian/ubuntu also 
gives me scribus-ng for 1.3.x as default. This is certainly nothing only 
present on my machine :-) What I suggested was the same different 
commmands for the developer/testing version and the finished version 
also on the selfbuild packages. I thought this already was an 
established thing because this occured on my machine on apt-get install 
scribus-ng. Or do you mean it should stay so, that by installing with 
apt I get a different command than when I install by hand (configuring 
the source)? I find this strange :-)
But it may be that other distributions does it otherwise, and, as said, 
if I am the only one wanting this, then no changes to be done of course.

Best regards
Axel Bojer

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